Are you having a smoker black lips? Or you wish to have a lips that look pinkish and healthy? Uneven shaped lips or just wishing do not need to apply lipstick anymore?

Ally Beauty’s Semi Permanent Crystal Lips Tattoo & Lips Embroidery can be your quick solution!

Turn your Blackish lips into Healthy Pink

Our Lips are supposed to appear rosy, smooth, and soft. But how many of us are born with such beautiful lips? Ally Beauty’s Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery is a lips enhancement treatment that offers you the long-lasting pleasure of always looking good and saving quite a bit of time on makeup application everyday.

With this, you will not be confronted with your imperfections all the time and you will feel more confident about your looks.

We will outline and shade your lips to smooth out the appearance and give your lips color. Lip color can be either natural or made to look more like makeup.

Ally Beauty is located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers semi-permanent lip tattoo and lips embroidery that will give you fuller lips without injections.

What is Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery?

Many women and men want a pretty full lips, especially if they naturally have thin lips. Injections are one way to enhance the plumpness of your lips. However, semi-permanent makeup of the lips by lips embroidery or lips tattoo can give the impression of fuller lips as well.

Ally Beauty’s Crystal Lip Tattoo and Lips Embroidery is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique which employs semi-permanent pigmentation of the epidermis that resembles lipstick. After this lip enhancement treatment you will not need to touch up your lipstick after a meal anymore!

Crystal Lips Tattoo can helps to brighten and lighten dark lips into your preferred lips tone color. It can help to redesign your lips too.

Why Choosing Our Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery?

100% Natural Plant-Based Micro Pigments

We choose the best 100% natural plant based non-toxic organic micro pigments (Imported Ingredient).

Strict Hygienic & Safe Practice

Our needles are individually sterilized and wrapped for single use only and will be disposed immediately after use.

Master Lip Embroidery Artists

Our lips tattoo & embroidery artists are equipped with the skill sets to curate the right design for you.

Free Touch Up Available

Every Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery Treatment will be entitled to free touch up service for the color boost up to 2 times.

Private Treatment Room

We provide private treatment room in which customer will be able to relax and leave it to us to delivery the best service to them.

All lips are different and therefore demands may vary. At Ally Beauty, our lips embroidery or tattoo enhancement service includes getting your preferred lip color, shape and design.

Benefits of Getting Lips Embroidery / Lips Tattoo

Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery is suitable for everyone with a busy lifestyle. Saving time is golden, with this semi permanent crystal lip embroidery & lips tattoo will help to you to save hours and days over the course of year. Your lips color will last since you won’t have to rush for apply makeup every morning. You can sleep in and be more relaxed for your day.

Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embrodery are suitable for people:

  • Anyone who tend to many thins in the morning due to early working office hour.
  • Anyone who cannot even space a second in the morning.
  • Anyone who unskill in make-up so lacking in the beauty of balance.
  • Anyone who want a pinkish and healthy lips looking
  • Anyone who need a lips redesign
  • Anyone who considers appearance important
  • Anyone who required to look good and presentable in most of their time.

Frequently Asked Question on Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery

How long does lip tattoo / lip embroidery last?

Depend on the lifestyle factor and treatments, normally a lips tattoo / lips embroidery can last up to 3 years.

Do i need to touch-ups?
The pigment will fade naturally and lighten over the first treatment, we recommend a touch up for color boost after 1 month.

Can i apply lipstick after lips tattoo / lips embroidery treatment?

No. You should not try to apply any cosmetic lipstick on top of your lip blush while it’s healing as you don’t want to risk an infection.

How long is the healing process?

Healing process for lips tattoo / lips embroidery enhancement will be atleast 14 days.

Aftercare for Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery

  • Strictly No Rubbing & No Picking! After 4-5 days the treated area may start to feel a little ticklish, but do not rub. It can cause infection or create bald spots in the newly reconstructed lips. Peeling is a normal phase of the healing process.
  • Try to avoid the hot sun for first 10 days to avoid Hyperpigmentation.
  • Your lips may feel swollen after the treatment and stay swollen for the first day.
  • You can use ice packs 3-4 times for 15 minutes spurts in first day. Keep a clean barrier between the ice pack and your lips.
  • You may want to drink from a straw the first few days and try to avoid salty or spicy foods.
  • If your lips feel dry, use cream with vitamin E, shea butter, or any type of natural lip lipstick.

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