Minimal Mini Tattoo At KL Ampang Cheras @ RM99++

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Are you looking for a Simple & Beautiful Minimal Tattoo?

Now at Ally Beauty has a special offer, you can get a mini tattoo with only RM99++!

RM 99 - minimal mini tattoo

What is Minimal Mini / Tiny / Micro Tattoo?

Mini tattoos are made by injecting ink into the bottom layer of the skin and making some patterns or words on the skin. Embroidering various patterns on the body to see auspiciousness and worship.

So how much is the charges for a mini tattoo / tiny tattoo in Kuala Lumpur, Cheras & Ampang area?

At Ally Beauty, the Special Price starts at RM99++!


Tattoos are not just large flower arms, large flower legs, large flower backs, but also can be painted very small and fresh, one flower and one grass, small, quietly staying in a certain part. If you don’t pay attention, you may not see it. If you see it, you will only feel very refined, without any arrogance.

Many small tattoos and mini tattoos have become the choice of the present, no matter whether it is Korea style minimal tattoo, cute tattoo, simple style tattoo, everything is there~

Tattoos can tattoo yourself, your family, your beliefs, your dreams, or your feelings. If you want to go a little simple, but not lose the popular style, mini & small tattoo, will be your best choice!


Our Customer Samples of Minimal Tiny Tattoo

best minimal tiny tattoo malaysia cheras ampang kuala lumpurbest minimal tiny tattoo malaysia cheras ampang kuala lumpurminimal tattoo sample ampang kuala lumpurbest minimal tiny tattoo malaysia cheras ampang kuala lumpurbest minimal tiny tattoo malaysia cheras ampang kuala lumpur



Small & Mini Tattoo FAQ:

Will a small or mini tattoo hurt?

Everyone has different pain points, and some female can still bear more pain than male. If you are tattooing for the first time,  it is recommended to be tattooed in a place with a lot of muscle, such as the inside of the arm, not very painful.

Generally, more bones and less muscle, as well as vascular nerves and thin skin parts, are more painful when tattooing, such as fingers, elbows, collarbone, shoulder blades, ankles, etc., which are more painful; In addition, the inside of the arm also hurts more than the outside, because its cuticle is thin and dense with blood vessels and nerves.


I am afraid of pain, can i use numb cream or anesthesia?

Small or mini tattoos do not use anesthetics or numb cream. The so-called topical anaesthetics have little effect. Most of them are only psychologically comforting, and effective injection anesthesiologists have no right to operate. In addition, anesthetics or numb cream can also affect the body tattoo color.


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