Natural Eyebrow Embroidery Samples

We have more than 10 years of semi-permanent embroidery service experience, we provide you with the following semi-permanent makeup service:

Ally Beauty through the Korean semi-permanent embroidery makeup technology, help our customers to make out the eyebrows have like eyebrow powder swept through the faint feeling, hazy, like painting eyebrows, very natural and good-looking.

The color pigments does not change red, not blue, do not faint color as time pass by.

This make you refreshing, but also has the temperament, the fresh feeling. And let you have a beautiful and charming eyes, the instant change to pretty lady.

Korean Mist Eyebrow / Water Mist Eyebrow/ Soft eyebrow is very natural, the most suitable for the usual like light makeup friends, saving a tons of the make up time!

During operation; no pain, no swelling, no bleeding

Female Eyebrow Embroidery Samples

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